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A Review: Spark Energy Drink by AdvoCare

Spark Energy Drink by AdvoCare

AdvoCare boasts that Spark Energy Drink "Is a sugar-free source of long-lasting energy and heightened mental focus and performance.*" Here is the overview from their website:

•Our #1 seller
•The most nutritionally advanced energy drink on the market
•Sugar-free, long-lasting energy*
•Surprisingly fast-acting*
•Contains 21 vitamins, minerals and nutrients designed to synergistically provide a healthy, balanced source of energy*
•Just 45 calories per serving
•Sharpens mental focus*

*And as usual those statements are not evaluated by the FDA. Yahda ,Yahda. For a more complete overview of this product you can visit the description page on AdvoCare here.

Spark comes in several flavors. Cherry, Citrus, Fruit Punch, Grape, Mandarin Orange and Pink Lemonade. 14 Pouches (1 serving each) will run you $22.95, or you can purchase a canister with 42 servings for $51.95 ($1.24 per serving). AdvoCare recommends 1 to 3 servings per day, between meals.

Today I tried the Mandarin Orange flavor mixed in 8oz of iced water at 11:20am. My first impression of the taste? Whoa! Too sweet. Ugh. So I added a couple more ounces of water. Ok, I can drink this. It has a very Tang like flavor. Remember Tang? I'm not a huge Tang fan, but the flavor wasn't too off putting and I drank it down pretty fast. I didn't guzzle it, doing that with anything makes me sick. But I drank it in under ten minutes. I think if you were/are a Kool-Aid fan you'd dig this flavor. I'm thinking this might be fun in some sparkling water. Note to self, try that with the Fruit Punch flavor next time. You really have to give it a few good stirs or its a bit gritty. I let it sit for a few with the ice to get it nice and cold and to give the powder time to really dissolve. That seemed to do the trick. It has a little bit of a funky after taste. Maybe the artificial sweetener (Sucralose)? I loath diet pop and all things with Splenda/Saccharine or any other form of artificial sweetener, so I think this might be a personal hang up and not something everybody experiences. Spark boasts 125mg of Caffeine (about the same as a cup of coffee according to Mayo Clinic, but Red Bull has 76mg and Extra Strength Excedrin has 130mg for 2 tabs) along with 200mg of Taurine, 750% DV of Vitamins B-6 and B-12, 300% DV Vitamin C along with high percentages of a few other vitamins and minerals. I researched all of the major ingredients and didn't find anything dangerous (although the Mayo Clinic sure doesn't have a high opinion of Caffeine!) to the average healthy person. Healthy is the key word here peeps! This product should not be used by pregnant or nursing woman and should not be used by children or persons sensitive to caffeine or taurine.

Below you will find a run down of how my day played out with the use of Spark.

7:45am - Woke up sore and tired (as usual).
8:30am - Ate 1 1/2 servings of Chocolate Frosted Mini Wheats w/ 6oz Skim Milk
11:20am - Drank Spark with 10oz iced water
11:30am - Started to feel something. Maybe my blood pumping? Maybe I feel a tad bit more alert. Is it my imagination?
12:00pm - No jitters. Feeling a bit more awake, but otherwise normal. At Broccoli Cheddar Soup and a Whole Grain Baguette.
1:00pm - Feeling like I've had a lot of coffee. No shakes or "jitters", but feeling excitable and like my heart is beating a little faster than normal. I'm certainly awake and alert now.
2:45pm - Feeling a bit better, not quite so coffee feeling. Still no shakes. Starting to feel a little tired again, but overall still alert.
5:00pm - Don't feel anything, like caffeine coursing through my veins. But don't feel quite so tired. Ate Dinner, Tamale and Chimmichurri rice. Didn't feel the need to snack. That's something.
5:30pm - Boxing Class
6:30pm - Ate an AdvoCare Double Chocolate Snack Bar (OMG! It tasted like a candy bar!)
6:40pm - Spin Class (too tired to notice anything)
8:30pm - Shower, noticed that I'm not feeling the effects but that I don't feel mentally tired, just physically (from 2 hours of exercise).
10:15pm - Bedtime. I couldn't fall asleep. I laid there for what felt like hours, tossing and turning. I had a horrible nights sleep. I woke up countless times and slept very restlessly.
8:15am - Awoke feeling pretty much the same as usual, sore and tired.

The problem is that I don't know if my sleep problems were because of the Spark, or because of the exercise. I usually sleep hard after an intense work out, but I was so sore and wiped out after spin class. In pain really. I do intend on drinking the other Spark mix later this week. At that point I'll come back here and write a follow up. That way I'll be able to know if it was the Spark or if it was just me.

What did I think overall?
Well, it works. I think I had the same effect that I would've if I'd have had the Mocha, minus the calories, sugar and general lack of nutrition (which is a bonus). This is a nice coffee substitute if you yearn for some get up and go with out the coffee flavor (which I happen to really sink down into). I'm like a Folgers commercial with my Mochas. The extra vitamins are always a nice plus. Sadly I can't say if my mental focus was heightened because I don't really do much that involves a whole lot of brain power. I mean after all I'm only a SAHM [rolls eyes]. Seriously though, I'd love to see how this would work on a college student studying or taking exams.

The bottom line?
If you're looking for a different way to get your pep back and are over coffee and sugary sodas, this might be the product for you. Its fast, easy and handy (since the pouches can go right into your purse or bag) which is a plus. The flavor isn't bad and you could add it to any beverage. Think; cherry flavored Spark in a chocolate flavored protein shake...chocolate covered cherry?? Who knows? Maybe. And if you feel you might miss the fizz, you could always mix it with sparkling water. I certainly think its worth a try.

Interested in giving Spark Energy Drink a try for yourself? Visit Emily's AdvoCare Profile Page to order, or shoot her a message here. Tell her the Fatty Cake Girls sent ya!


Emmy said...

Heather, thank you for taking the time to review Spark so thoroughly! You really do your homework! :)

To everyone, I just want to say that AdvoCare has really been a huge blessing to me. Back in September I was 100 lbs overweight and *nothing* I was doing to remedy that was working. I was in the process of investigating bariatric surgery when a person I respect immensely, Nikki G., talked to me about her weight loss. You can read more about her story (and mine, look us up under "product success stories, Yasar & Emily Wasouf" to see our before/during pictures) at www.slimandenergy.com. I've been doing this program, which is really nothing more than good core nutrition and a couple Sparks a day, and am down 48 lbs in 5 months. 10 jeans sizes. I wish I would have taken my measurements before starting, because (thanks to catalyst) everything has tucked and tightened. I'd gone from a 240 lb asthmatic to running 5k's.

AdvoCare found us at the perfect time. We were in desperate need of better health AND better finances. I signed up to get the wholesale discount and people started asking how they could get my results. To date we're making some pretty good money helping others live longer and live better. AdvoCare is a debt-free company, and they encourage the same from their distributors - to the extent that they'll provide a DebtBuster system free to you. They're a willable company. The integrity shows in our *unpaid* endorsers (Michael W Smith? Drew Brees? Colt McCoy?). Our products are safe and they work - Olympic athletes and college football teams are taking them.

If any of this sounds interesting, I encourage you to email me. I can tell you all about it. Don't make a decision based on an assumption - get the facts.

And, if me, why not you?

Anonymous said...

Heather, I’m super excited you are taking the time to try spark! I am thrilled that I was given spark in my lunch, both days, at Women of Faith in April. I’m a night-shift nurse, who homeschools during the day. Holy smokes – spark has helped tremendously! As I’m sure you read: Spark® & Slam® are energy/mental focus drinks. They have 21 vitamins, natural serotonin enhancer (which makes you feels good), natural appetite suppressant. Awesome energy - with no crash! Yes it’s sugar free. They use a natural sugar substitute vs. an artificial sugar substitute … that’s huge for me. I get migraines any time I’ve had artificial sweeteners.
Have you seen the “Texas Tech” study on Ritalin vs. Spark? It’s on our team site www.ImpactFreedom.com – all subjects tested were children that had been diagnosed with ADHD. Spark Won! Spark outperformed in mental focus, hand-eye coordination, etc.! AMAZING! AdvoCare didn’t even know this study was done, until 3 yrs after it was published. I wish I would’ve had spark during Nursing School! Dr. Horvath (who sees my son for ADHD) has recommended that he (16) take Spark. He said it will even work synergistically with his ADHD medication. He’s a new kid… I’m telling you… it’s been wonderful! Dr. Horvath said my youngest (9) could have ½ spark every 3-5 hours too. (Instead of putting him on any meds for focus).
I would recommend drinking it on an empty stomach. Also-we mix ours with warm or lukewarm water, & then add ice. It mixes better that way. I’m thrilled to not be drinking pop… which depletes your bones of calcium. Thrilled not to be addicted to coffee – which increases your cortisol levels & gives you that bellly fat that we’d all like to avoid.
Just wanted to encourage you. I know what it’s like to be brain-dead & exhausted, trying to homeschool. I love the energy & mental focus with spark. Love it! If anyone is wondering if AdvoCare works – check out Emily’s before & after shots…HOLY SMOKES! Also - checked out the Sci-Med board for AdvoCare- they formulate the products. Dr. Stanly Dudrick is one of many– he invented TPN & has a wing at Yale named after him. If you wonder if it’s safe – check out “Informed Choice” – AdvoCare spends a lot of money for their products to be tested in London. They are pure & “banned substance” free… that’s why 28 NFL teams use AdvoCare (GNC is banned from the NFL). OSU is fueled by AdvoCare, Olympic athletes, pro athletes, HS, etc… our kids – us – we’re all safe – Praise God!
Just had to put my thoughts down… because AdvoCare has done so much for my family… physically & financially. I thank God daily for AdvoCare. SO thankful I saw it at Women of Faith, & saw the Michael W. Smith is one of hundreds of non-paid endorsers. I trust Michael! :)
Many blessings to all who cross Emily’s path… she is a true Champion!, Nikki G.

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